29 September 2007

Latest Technology : Antivirus


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anti virus short cut

There r many ways to remove virusses. I ll tel u the most simple method to find the virus. Do Like This -> Start-> Run
Inside the box type
then press enter

At that pannel, go to startup
U will C the Virus listed in the startup. With the location.
And U can C the virus running in the task manager also.End The Process.
Do a disk cleanup.
My computer tools->options
Show hidden folders option = true
Remove two ticks of the other boxes also very next That.
Get a command prompt
type cd..
then press enter
Type cd All users
Then Press enter…
Then type
The Type dir /a /q
Check whether their is an Autorun.inf file
And the program thet u saw. It will be an .exe file
Then if its there do the following…
type attrib -s -h -a -r autorun.inf
then enter
then type del autorun.inf
do the same to that .exe file also
Make sure that u r deleting the virus. Normally there are no .exe files at that location. Coz that is the most simple method.
Don’t fully format your hard drive more than 3 times. Then it will be having a performance degradation.